What’s the best software for making a mobile game?

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There are many excellent programs available out there which can be used to make a mobile game.
Here is an (almost) exhaustive list of the software which were utilized in the making of Fainting Goats.



We used Gmail for all our email correspondance.
This was most useful because it keeps emails grouped in conversations, so you can keep track of your decisions about various aspects of the game development.
Also of equal importance Gmail comes with Google Docs.
As well as providing “Word” and “Excel” type documents which you can access from anywhere it enables you to share any documents with anyone. So this enables us to keep an up-to-date record of thoughts, to-do lists and contacts.


Dropbox logo

The other important utility to making a mobile game when you’re on different sides of the planet is the transfer of files. Unfortunately Google isn’t quite up to speed with this as yet so we depended heavily on Dropbox. I can’t praise this service highly enough. It was absolutely crucial in being able to share files to get the game going. There are so many positives to this service, so I’ll try to explain a few:

When you install Dropbox on your machine it creates a folder on your desktop. So when you copy files to that folder it automatically syncs to the web account (with internet connection) AND anyone else’s machine with the folder you are sharing! This way you can very easily see any file updates without having to access a browser. There is a browser interface if you need to access your files when you’re not at home.

Other pluses are that like Gmail the service is free and you can receive additional storage by inviting others to Dropbox. Also there are lots of different apps available which allow sync with Drop box. And there’s even a iOS App where you can log on and view files, right on your mobile device.

iiNet (VoiP)

iiNet logo

Obviously everyone needs a great internet connection. With one of us being in Australia we used iiNet which, along with providing excellent data plans, service and naked ADSL also offers Bob.

Bob is VoiP. Voice over internet Protocol, with handset. We were able to make hour long phone calls to the UK for just a couple of dollars. Without using VoiP, we would have been charged a fortune in mobile or landline phones at international rates.


Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe icons

Surely no visually creative professional or serious hobbyist would be without the Adobe Creative Suite? Sure there are quite a few free alternatives out there, some of which we used (examples will be given in a later post).

Photoshop: Can be used for sketching concepts, colouring drafts and creating final artwork.
Illustrator: For creating vector artwork which is scalable without losing quality. This is particularly useful for when you need to have various different resolutions of the same images.
Flash: We used Flash to create the animations of the characters and also in the early stages of development for testing prototypes of the game. Using actionscript we were also able to make a level engine where we could place various game elements then test the level’s effectiveness.
InDesign: It can be helpful to create an appealing document for your Press Release and InDesign can help you do just that.


Corona SDK


Corona SDK is a Software Development Kit, by Anscamobile.com. The SDK runs with a program language called Lua. Lua is similar to Action Script and Java Script so if you have a little knowledge of these languages and a little patience you should be able to pick it up quite easily. Since there are so many platforms and codes out there it is difficult to work out which one to use. We decided to invest in Corona because it promises to port your game to the major devices. You input your game code in Lua and test it using their proprietary software and export it to iOS, Android, Kindle and Nook.

We were very excited for Fainting Goats to be chosen as the first App of the Week for 2012.

Which programs and utilities have you used in creating your mobile game?
Let us know.

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